Intellectual Property Litigation

Fee & Jeffries has extensive experience in litigating a wide variety of intellectual property (IP) disputes. We routinely litigate infringement cases throughout the United States. We understand the challenges and strategies involved in both prosecuting and defending infringement cases. Whether your company is involved in a pre-suit investigation, needs to move quickly to enforce and protect its rights in court, or is involved in proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, our experienced attorneys stand ready to protect you.

We have represented a wide variety of clients in IP cases ranging from the world famous daredevil, Evel Knievel, to the University of South Florida; from small, local companies to nationwide banking organizations; from southern rock musicians with platinum records, to biomedical companies with cutting-edge technologies; from agri-businesses to web-based retailers; and from specialty software companies to an internationally famous mime. (Yes, we really have litigated a mime case.) In other words, we have experience – real experience and lots of it.


Copyright Litigation

Fee & Jeffries has represented

clients in copyright cases involving:

Computer code

Commercial artwork

Musical recordings

Architectural drawings

Consumer goods

Website content

– Telephone networking codes

Business forms

– Holiday decorations

– And yes, even pantomime performances

Patent Litigation

Our attorneys have represented our clients in patent infringement litigation in federal courts throughout the United States, including cases involving:

– Alcohol detection devices

– Industrial anti-theft equipment

– Biomedical devices

– Document imaging systems

– Fruit processing

– Inventory control software

– Global positioning devices

– Inventory control software

– Optical scanning devices

– Sporting equipment

– Prosthetic devices

– Hot tubs

– Industrial waste processing

Trademark and Trade Dress Litigation

Our firm’s attorneys are experienced in representing clients in litigation of trademark and trade dress litigation, false advertising, and unfair competition claims involving a wide range of products and services, including:

– Famous-brand watches

– A classic southern rock band

– Franchised restaurants

– Web-based securities trading

– Home improvement services

– Business brokerage services

– Audio equipment

– A world famous motorcycle daredevil

– HVAC equipment

– Toys and leisure products

– Religious organizations

– Solar energy devices

– Retail food sales

– Pharmaceutical supplies

Trade Secret Litigation

Many of our clients have developed information databases, processes, and technologies that are protectable trade secrets. We regularly represent our clients in trade secret litigation and have significant experience in obtaining and defending against injunctions, which are often sought in such cases.


Assistance as Local Counsel

Our reputation, familiarity with Florida’s federal courts and judges, and experience with the complex issues involved in IP cases, makes Fee & Jeffries a great partner to assist your client in resolving its Florida-based disputes.