Business Litigation

Businesses frequently find themselves needing to either enforce or defend their legal rights against competitors, suppliers, or even their own customers. Business disputes often require both enforcing one’s own rights and defending against the claims brought by the other party. Whether such disputes are pursued in federal or state courts, or are the subject of arbitration, the attorneys of Fee & Jeffries are

prepared to vigorously protect your business interests. <

Our attorneys represent business clients in the following types of claims:

Contract Disputes

We regularly represent clients asserting and defending claims for breach of contract in cases regarding:

– Shareholder agreements

– Sale of business

– Distribution agreements

– Real estate contracts and leases

– Construction contracts

– Licenses

– Personal services agreements

– Supplier agreements

– Non-disclosure agreements

– Re-seller agreements

Commercial Dealing Claims

Often times a business dispute is based on a business relationship or transaction that is not formally documented with a contract. The attorneys at Fee & Jeffries regularly prosecute and defend claims involving:

– Interference with business relationships

– Negligence/breach of duty of care

– Breach of implied warranty

– Sale of goods

– Conversion/civil theft

– Lender liability


Commercial Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices

Fraud and deception are unfortunate realities in today’s business world. Successful prosecution and defense of claims involving fraud and deceptive business practices requires tenacity, attention to detail, and familiarity with the applicable substantive and procedural law. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients involved in fraud claims including:

– False advertising

– Fraudulent non-disclosure

– Misrepresentation