Business Acquisitions, Sales and Mergers

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, the growth strategy of most businesses now involves acquisition of existing businesses. Similarly, many entrepreneurs embarking on a second career wisely decide to limit their risk by acquiring an existing business instead of starting from scratch. We represent parties involved in the acquisition, sale and mergers of both small and medium size businesses. For purchasers, the process involves identifying the buyer’s objectives, negotiating and finalizing a definitive agreement, conducting necessary due diligence and finally closing the acquisition. For sellers, the process also involves an evaluation of the owner’s goals, as well as the reasons for disposing of the business. In some cases, the first step is to explore all available options such as a recapitalization or strategic partnership. If an outright sale is chosen, we work with the seller’s accountants to determine the best form of sale (e.g., assets or stock), and then assist in the negotiation and closing of the sale, as well as any post-sale employment, consulting or non-compete agreements.