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About Fee & Jeffries

In times past, lawyers had relationships with their clients. Those lawyers took time to know their clients. They learned about their clients’ business models and listened to their dreams. Those lawyers worked with their clients to help

them reach their goals and protect their rights. We are those lawyers.


We Mean Business

Fee & Jeffries specializes in representing businesses. It is what we do. We don’t prepare wills, handle personal injury cases, or try to provide a wide variety of services. Our attorneys represent our clients in business disputes ranging from simple breaches of contract to the extraordinary complexity of patent infringement, and in business transactions from incorporations to private placements and 8-figure sales. But most of all, our attorneys represent our clients with a dedication and understanding that only comes from relationships.

Whether your business is a start-up company, mid-sized regional corporation, or a large multi-national conglomerate, you have the right to be heard, understood and protected by lawyers who know and understand you and your business. The lawyers of Fee & Jeffries know that an attorney-client relationship should involve more than “personal service” and “commitment.” Relationship means that we are there when your business needs us—to represent, to advocate, to counsel, and to listen.


Expect Excellence

Fee & Jeffries was founded in 1997 for one purpose – to provide superior legal representation to our business clients. We are AV-rated by Martindale Hubble. Our partners left much larger firms to provide specialized services in a boutique environment. Rick Fee and Dave Jeffries have been repeatedly named to Florida Trend’s Legal Elite® and Florida’s SuperLawyers®. The credentials or our attorneys speak volumes—please review them.


We Don’t Give Our Clients “The Business”

Our client relationships are built on treating our clients fairly and honestly. We are a law firm, not a copy service or the post office. We never have charged, and never will charge, our clients for faxes, routine photocopying or postage, computerized legal research, or secretarial overtime. Frankly, we view billing for such costs as petty. Any out-of-pocket expenses which we do pass on to clients are billed at actual cost, without mark-up. That is the way we would want to be treated, so that is how we treat our clients. Please review the credentials of our attorneys and click on our practice areas for additional details on the legal services we can provide to your business. We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.